12 June 2023
Scientific validation of Ziwig Endotest® as a diagnostic tool for endometriosis by an article in the NEJM Evidence - New England Journal of Medicine.
Ziwig, a French biotech and precursor in salivary RNA analysis, is proud to announce that Ziwig Endotest® has been validated as a diagnostic tool for endometriosis, according to a study published in the prestigious scientific journal NEJM Evidence - New England Journal of Medicine on 9th June, 2023.
Press review Ziwig Endotest®
10 January 2023
Ziwig, winner of the Prix Galien 2022 in the Medical Devices category for Ziwig Endotest®
15 December 2022
Created in 1970, the Prix Galien is a distinction that rewards scientific rigor, excellence, and innovation. It shines through its international reputation and its contribution to the dynamism of health research.
Press review Endotest® Diagnostic
27 October 2022
Ziwig Wins the Therapeutic Breakthrough Award of the Year
18 May 2022
On the second edition of the Check Up Health Awards, BFM Business honored yesterday the health actors, rewarding the initiatives which marked the year. Among the prizes awarded by the jury composed of nine experts and health professionals, the prize for the therapeutic advance of the year was awarded to Ziwig for its endometriosis diagnostic test.
Endotest® Diagnostic will be available in Switzerland as from 1 June 2022
1st June 2022
The Endotest® Diagnostic saliva test is a major innovation that provides a diagnosis of endometriosis within a few days with a reliability close to 100%.
It is CE marked and has applied for reimbursement to the health authorities in various countries, including France.
Press review Endotest® Diagnostic
10 May 2022
Diagnosis of endometriosis: A new publication studying microRNA in blood, confirms the results of the Endotest® Diagnostic saliva test
10 March 2022
On February 11, the healthcare start-up ZIWIG revealed a revolutionary test, Endotest® Diagnostic, which can diagnose endometriosis in a few days thanks to a new generation technology based on microRNA.
Press review Endotest® Diagnostic
7 March 2022
Launch of Endotest® Diagnostic, the world’s first saliva test for the diagnosis of endometriosis!
11 February 2022
Ziwig, finalist for the prize Galien 2021
6 September 2021
The prize Galien, which was created in France in 1970, is an emblem of scientific rigor, innovation and excellence. It encourages and rewards numerous innovative projects in health and pharmaceutical research. Today, it is internationally renowne for its contribution to stimulating health research.

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