Achieve better business results with the help of digital

And remain focused on your business

Achieve differentiation through AI-driven specialized, individualized user / customer-focused services

With our 360° turnkey Ziwig® platform aimed at knowledge-intensive environments and recurring users with critical needs

Sample Ziwig® use cases

  • A health organization making a 360° application available to its patients to support them in their personalized health and cure management
  • A premium consumer goods company with a strong R&D focus wanting to customize its customer journey and enhance its products with ancillary services
  • A B2B company (complex sales) offering a personalized environment around its innovative products and extending its business model towards service
  • A business in danger of losing its differentiation factor, wanting to stand out from the crowd by making the best possible use of the potential offered by AI in terms of premium services and strong personalization

Ziwig® is aimed at organizations (not for profit or businesses) in highly specialized fields that wish to offer customized, automated and scalable high-end services to users, patients or customers whose issues are critical and recurring, thanks to a turnkey digital platform that uses a combination of new-generation AI engines.

Ziwig® is a 360° user-centric solution

ZIWIG® is a game-changer for your business

Users are increasingly demanding

They want service “I am not a number. I am a free person!”

They want to be recognized and respected by your business

They have enough of these frustrating online customer journeys

They want premium global and customized solutions

Businesses remain Product centric

Changing mindset is hard

Serving customers or users should be on top of the agenda

From Products to Solutions to Ecosystem

The online era is over

Millions of Corporate websites, Apps and e-shops …

What makes you different ?

An all-in-one user-centric solution is what your customers or users need

Profile design module aimed at improving recommendation relevance

Powered by our Hybrid Ziwig® AI platform

Ready to use with continuous improvement

6 AI customization engines

User-led personalized resource selection Engine

Resource selection engine fully defined by user data, expert knowledge base and predictive learning of future situations

Recommendation Engine

Profile design module aimed at improving recommendation relevance

Compliance Score Engine

Recommendation engine based on user profile + expert knowledge base + similar profiles + machine learning through the delivery of a user recommendation compliance score

selection Engine

Engine for the selection of a specific program based on user data, expert knowledge base and predictive learning of future situations

Diagnosis Engine

Engine in charge of analyzing the user’s situation baseand d on historical data predictive learning of future situations

Data Analytics

Reporting module based on the analysis of user and system data

2.5-year R&D

3 Patents Filed

Step-by-step delivery stages

3 main agile stages to make your business succeed with Ziwig® teams


Activation pack

Determine path to business success

Definition of AI Turnkey business concept 
+ sample data set

Mockup of 
user / consumer journey 
follow up solution

Step-by-step actions plan

Internal and external communications pack

1-2 months


Validation pack

Build initial fully working solution

Full-fledged solution

Knowledge transfer (methodology and system)

Validate user and expert experience 
and potential business impact

3-4 months


Market launch

Business success

Complement data set and
 full-scale content delivery

Full-fledged market rollout

Collect data & insights

Measure business KPIs

3-4 months

Digital Start-up and agile AI way of working

Reinvent your business with AI