Precision for women

“Precision for women” is the podcast dedicated to precision medicine and women’s health.

Molecular biology and artificial intelligence are driving innovations that are transforming medicine and society. These topics are influencing medical practices and the lives of every woman. Through testimonials from patients, healthcare professionals and presentations by scientists, this programme provides information on advances in scientific research and on the challenges for women’s health.

Our latest episodes

30 NOV. 2023

Pr Norbert Ifrah
President of the French National Cancer Institute (INCA)

Norbert Ifrah is a Professor of Medical Oncology and President of the French National Cancer Institute. He tells us about the Institute, its history and missions, the ten-year strategy to combat cancer, with a particular focus on gynaecological cancers and the challenges of precision medicine.

Read 27 min

30 OCT. 2023

Mrs Priscilla Saracco
Endomind France association

Priscilla Saracco is an expert patient and Executive Director of the Endomind France association, which brings together women suffering from endometriosis. In this episode, she looks back over her career and the role, actions and ambitions of an association representing patients in their fight against endometriosis.

Read 29 min

21 Oct. 2023

Pr Sofiane Bendifallah

Sofiane Bendifallah is a professor of obstetrics and gynaecology, surgeon and researcher. An internationally-renowned specialist in endometriosis, he looks back at this little-known pathology, his work, his research, particularly that behind the Endotest, and the advent of precision medicine in the field of women’s health.

Read 34 min

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