An individualized holistic platform

Ziwig Health is a new generation healthcare platform created to improve the patient journey of people suffering from chronic diseases.

Both for patients and healthcare professionals


Ziwig health is a revolutionary platform for patients but also for healthcare professionals.
With this platform, every stakeholder benefits from a reinvented dialogue.





Time saving to focus on the essential





Taking charge of one’s health for better living


The combination of medical expertise and of cutting-edge technology, to sustain healthcare

A quantum leap

in the treatment of diseases
Artificial intelligence at the service of collective intelligence.
A complete, autonomous healthcare journey, with the support of specialists.
3 years of R&D
3 patents deposit
A healthcare platform developed by a collective consisting of a National Board of more than 20 experts, midwives and patient associations.

“We were 10 years behind schedule. Now you’re giving us a 10-year ahead start on a platter!”

Professor François GOLFIER, M.D, Ph.D.

Head of the Gynaecological and Oncological Surgery Department – Obstetrics
Lyon Sud Hospital


“This platform solves 80% of patients’ problems“

Professor Philippe DESCAMPS, M.D, Ph.D.

Head of the Gynaecological and Oncological Surgery Department – Obstetrics
Angers University Hospital Centre

Ziwig Women

A platform to respond to a worldwide issue:
women’s health.

Our first born, Endo Ziwig


Endo Ziwig is an endometriosis pre-diagnosis and supportive platform for all women who wish to take care of their health to achieve:

A twice as shorter diagnosis
A patient’s journey divided by 2
A significantly improved quality of life

Discover our commitment to increase endometriosis care


« An innovative and collaborative approach »

A game-changer!

An innovation for patients…
… and for healthcare professionals!

Significant time-saving (preparation time divided by 4)

Patient/professional dialog reinvented

Diagnosis assistance and medical expertise

Future’s healthcare available today!

Delivering Happiness