An individualized holistic platform

Ziwig Health is a new generation healthcare platform created to improve the patient journey of people suffering from chronic diseases.

Both for patients and healthcare professionals


Ziwig Health is a revolutionary platform for patients but also for healthcare professionals.
With this platform, every stakeholder benefits from a reinvented dialogue.





Time saving to focus on the essential





Taking charge of one’s health for better living


The combination of medical expertise and of cutting-edge technology, to sustain healthcare

A quantum leap

in the treatment of diseases
Artificial intelligence at the service of collective intelligence.
A complete, autonomous healthcare journey, with the support of specialists.
3 years of R&D
3 patents deposit
A healthcare platform developed by a collective consisting of a National Board of more than 20 experts, midwives and patient associations.

“We were 10 years behind schedule. Now you’re giving us a 10-year ahead start on a platter!”

Professor François GOLFIER, M.D, Ph.D.

Head of the Gynaecological and Oncological Surgery Department – Obstetrics
Lyon Sud Hospital
President of the endo commission of CNGOF (French National Board of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians)

“This platform solves 80% of patients’ problems“

Professor Philippe DESCAMPS, M.D, Ph.D.

Head of the Gynaecological and Oncological Surgery Department – Obstetrics
Angers University Hospital Centre
Vice-President of SCGP (from 2011 to 2021)

Ziwig Women

A platform to respond to a worldwide issue:
women’s health.

Our first born, Endo Ziwig


Endo Ziwig is an endometriosis pre-diagnosis and supportive platform for all women who wish to take care of their health to achieve:

A ten times shorter diagnosis
A patient’s journey divided by 2
A significantly improved quality of life

Discover our commitment to increase endometriosis care


« An innovative and collaborative approach »

A game-changer!

An innovation for patients…
… and for healthcare professionals!

Significant time-saving (preparation time divided by 4)

Patient/professional dialog reinvented

Diagnosis assistance and medical expertise

Future’s healthcare available today!

Delivering Happiness

The protection and hosting of Ziwig patients’ health data is carried out in strict compliance with the RGPD law and CNIL regulation.
The sharing of confidential information between a patient and her doctor is carried out only within the framework of these laws.