A major innovation to reduce time to diagnosis!

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What is Endotest ?

Endotest is a secured solution with superior performance to all currently available diagnostic tools (laparoscopy, MRI, pelvic ultrasound). It has been validated by the largest clinical study in the world*, in collaboration with 6 French centers specialized in endometriosis. Endotest® has CE rating.

Non-invasive and easy-to-use test, Endotest reliably detects endometriosis but also removes any doubts in the most complex cases.

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It allows to put an end to the diagnostic errancy (reducing the average time to diagnosis from 8 years to a few days) but also to improve the overall care of endometriosis by:

  • Opening the way to early treatment of endometriosis

  • Allowing to slow down or even stop the aggravation of pain and other symptoms

  • Optimizing the care of infertility

  • Limiting the deterioration of patients’ quality of life

Reliable and fast.

Endotest is the possibility of knowing, within a few days and with a reliability close toto 100%*, if your patients are suffering from endometriosis.

*See the Science page

Simple to use
but based on cutting edge technology.

Endotest requires a simple saliva sample. The diagnosis is made in the laboratory. It relies on Next-generation Sequencing of micro RNA present in saliva and on the use of artificial intelligence to process the very large volume of data generated.

A unique technology but accessible to all healthcare professionals.

No matter where you are located, in a large metropolis or in the countryside, Endotest allows you to obtain a simple, reliable and fast diagnosis for your patients.

To put an end to wandering and give back hope!

Women affected by endometriosis endure an average of 8 years of diagnostic errancy and see approximately 10 doctors before being diagnosed.

Put an end to your patients’ uncertainty by providing them with a clear and reliable diagnosis.

Conceived for all cases of endometriosis, including the most complex.

Endotest makes it possible to confirm or eliminate the diagnosis of endometriosis with a high reliability and to distinguish endometriosis from other pathologies with a similar sympthomatology. It is particularly used in complex cases where medical imaging remains uncertain.

A large clinical study conducted in collaboration with 5 general hospitals.

The largest clinical study in the world evaluating the value of miRNAs for the diagnosis of endometriosis.

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In partnership with
the patient association Endomind.

"The arrival of Endotest is a radical change for all women who suffer from pelvic pain. Getting a reliable diagnosis in a few days with a simple saliva sample is a real revolution for them and their medical care."

Nathalie ClaryPresident of the association Endomind

A premium

Endotest ® is performed with CE rated in-vitro diagnostic medical devices.

Ziwig applies the ISO 13485 standard for quality management systems.

We respect the RGPD obligations and the recommendations of the e-health charter recommended by the Ministry of Health.

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Endotest, a major breakthrough for women’s health.

Healthcare professional: be notified when Endotest ® is available

This page is exclusively intended for healthcare professionals.

* Endotest® is an in-vitro diagnostic test (IVD), for the diagnosis of endometriosis. The result is obtained by sequencing Micro RNAs from saliva samples combined with an artificial intelligence machine.
Read carefully the information provided with Endotest®. Manufacturer: Ziwig. Update: 04/2022.